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Cross Country

The Cross Country season is a quick one! The third XC meet took our team to Spiritwood Golf Course on Sept 28th. As per tradition, the team made a quick stop at Cochin to race up the stairs to the lighthouse. The team did well at Spiritwood. David and Quaid placed in the top 10 for Midget Boys 3km. Sonny and Jess improved by minutes to their previous times.
The teams went to districts in Battleford at Finlayson Island on Oct 5th. Jess loved the course so much he ran it twice! Sonny and Quaid ran with enthusiasm and had a great time on the Island! Jamison finished top 10 in Midget Boys and now has the experience for next year in Grade 0 when he will be able to qualify for Provincials. David was entered for Provincials but was unable to attend. This year Provincials were held in Turtleford on Oct 14. 
Congratulations Team
Cross Country Coach: Miss. K