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Scholarship Info

Scholarship Communications – Spring 2020


LSKY Board Scholarships:

- Information and applications for Board Scholarship must be available online

- Scholarship criteria examined:

  • no use of semester 2 grades for eligibility
  • use of semester 1 and grade 11 marks
  • consider other criteria
    • extra-curricular
    • community/citizenship
    • volunteer
    • personal writing, video (in response to a question or open-ended prompt)

Local Scholarships

- All local scholarships need to be confirmed directly, don’t assume a continuation

- All local scholarships need to be posted on the school website – inform students

- Review and confirm criteria for scholarships, especially if scholarships are purely academic

- Determine how scholarship recipients will be chosen
- Note that scholarships may be ‘awarded’ in a different way this year (no spring formal graduation gatherings)


Our Lady of the Prairies Scholarship

- A new application form and e-portfolio requirements have been drafted
- All high school admin and career counsellors will get a copy this week